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Stefanie & Carsten’s Airplane Engagement Session on Film | Jacksonville Wedding Photographers

I absolutely love this session we shot back in April with Stefanie & Carsten.  We shot at a local airport with a gorgeous setting sun behind us and it could’t have been a better day for it.  Carsten is a … Continue reading

The Ellison Family caught on film | Orlando Film Photographers

Growing up my dad, who was and still is a barber, always said \”its the barber\’s kids who always need a haircut.\” Well I guess that\’s true for the photographer\’s family… they never get their pictures taken.  In our case … Continue reading

  • Stephanie Bellows, 08.03.11:
    Stephanie Bellows : I love y'all! Your family is too cute!
  • Melanie, 08.08.11:
    Melanie : Thanks Steph! :)

Destination Wedding Photographers | Savannah Caught on Film

Last month Brad and I were in Savannah, GA shooting Jennifer & Brian’s engagement session.  As luck would have it some of our favorite friends were also in town that very same weekend shooting an engagement session of their own. … Continue reading

  • Ashley, 05.23.11:
    Ashley : LOVE IT!! Don't you just love film!! : )
  • shannon, 05.23.11:
    shannon : So beautiful and so jealous that you got the Contax. There is just such an amazing feel to film and you captured Savannah perfectly!
  • Melanie, 05.23.11:
    Melanie : Thanks Shannon! :) I love my contax. I keep trying to use it more and more on the job. Its amazing! There is an absolute magic that comes with film.
  • Melanie, 05.23.11:
    Melanie : Thanks Ashley! Me too! :)