Jacksonville Wedding Photographers | Matt & Karen’s Engagement Session

We are so in love with this couple.  We met Karen & Matt back in the early summer shortly after they won the Underwoods Diamond Dash.  For those of you who have not heard of this event, Underwood’s is a fabulous jeweler here in Jacksonville.  They sponsored the Diamond Dash back in May where a Ritani diamond ring valued at $15,000 was the grand prize hidden somewhere in the city.  Couples came from all over and took part in the scavenger hunt to try their luck at winning the ring.  Because the scavenger hunt was a race that took place all over downtown Jacksonville, Matt & Karen decided they needed to be inventive to secure a leg up on their competition.  A bicycle built for two was their secret weapon as they raced from block to block performing physical and mental tests in order to progress in the race.  At the very end Matt & Karen were victorious and Matt had the perfect engagement ring.

Because this couple has such a long history together, they have known eachother since preschool, Matt knew he did not want to just drop to one knee all hot and sweaty after the race and ask Karen for her hand.  He quietly put the ring away and waited for a moment that would be truly special to them.  Although the suspense was killing Karen, since she now knew a proposal would be on the horizon, she waited patiently while Matt planned away.  It didn’t take long though and Matt finally popped the question on the banks of the St. Johns river in a private moment just for the two of them near the neighborhood where they grew up together.  It was romantic, and special, and so very them.

We had an amazing time getting to know Karen and Matt as well as Karen’s parents during our first meeting.  We probably could have stayed for hours just chatting away with everyone.  We loved hearing all about how Karen’s mom taught Matt in preschool and how their relationship blossomed as they grew into adults.  Karen’s mom even whipped out some of the cutest little pictures of them as children for us to see.  We loved every minute of it.  Karen & Matt are the kind of people that instantly feel like friends and make you excited about their marriage.  We are so happy to be part of their wedding day and to document their gorgeous spring wedding at the Florida Yacht Club.  Knowing Karen, it will be incredible to say the least.

See you two in April!

Lots of love,

Mel & Brad

PS:  these images were shot in the crazy heat of August and these guys make it look cool and breezy.  Thank goodness April will be much more mild.

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