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So it would seem the common thread for 2010 in the Watson house would be posting blogs late.  Yes we know we keep promising to do it more frequently but we have been so busy shooting and preparing new stuff for our clients and business that blogging sadly has gotten the short end of the stick.  Its a hard knock life for a blog.  Although our blogging has been spotty, we certainly do not have a shortage of beautiful couples and shoots to share with you all.  One of which is the adorableness that is Landon & Jordan.  We shot these two high school sweethearts way back in March on a beautiful spring evening.  We knew we were going to love these two from our very first meeting overlooking the lake at Landon’s mom’s house.  We got to meet their furbabies and Landon’s mom told us the story of how Jordan first spotted her baby girl while jet skiing on the lake in Orlando where she grew up.  It was on that same body of water several years later that Jordan asked Landon to be his forever.  I am absolutely smitten by their love story and adore the fact that Jordan brought the love of his life back to the very spot he first laid eyes on her to ask for her hand in marriage.  What a guy right?!  For their engagement session, they wanted to incorporate some of the water atmosphere into the shoot but didn’t want it to be too over the top.  So we brainstormed other ideas that would express who Landon and Jordan are as a couple and came up with the perfect plan.  Jordan loves cars both old and new as does Landon and her love for all things vintage.  They both wanted to go someplace that reflected their love for eras past.  We knew historic downtown Sanford would be the perfect sleepy little area to bring their shoot to life.  The 1962 Dodge Polara 500 complimented the setting perfectly and Landon & Jordan did an amazing job of simply being in love.  Two people in love is all we ever need for a perfect shoot and this my friends was downright perfect.  A beautiful couple who are absolutely delightful, a gorgeous vintage car, adorable downtown setting and a sky filled with delicious golden sunlight.  Oh my friends we were in heaven.  Below are a few of our favorites.  We hope you all enjoy.

Landon & Jordan, you guys are the best!  We had a fantastic time running around Sanford with you two and cannot wait to see you again in the Fall.  Your Winter Park wedding will surely be one to remember and we are so happy to be part of your wedding day.  We can’t wait to get your engagement guest book in soon.  Its sure to be one of our favorites.

In love,

Mel & Brad

























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