Tamikia & Josh’s Engagement Session | Jacksonville Engagement Photographers

It was the summer of 2007. Tamikia was living in Dallas at the time and had gone to visit a friend for the weekend in Houston. Little did she know her weekend getaway would put her face to face with the man she would eventually marry. A fateful meeting at a party with mutual friends eventually grew into a friendship. They talked for hours on end via email and the phone. Knowing all along something, not sure exactly what, but something special was growing. The friendship they had was evolving but the winds of change started to blow and Tamikia soon found herself moving to Orlando for a new job. Time took its toll on their relationship and soon they found they had lost contact with one another. Although Tamikia was enjoying her new life in Orlando she still found herself missing her connection with Josh. One day she sent him an email out of the blue and it was that day that changed the course of their relationship for good.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and possibly it was just what these two needed to bring them together for good. They began a long distance relationship. Flying back and forth between Houston and Orlando, spending countless hours on the phone and sending endless amounts of emails, they had found love. Tamikia knew that Josh was the perfect fit for her and apparently Josh knew it too. Before anyone could blink Josh proposed and Tamikia whole heartedly accepted. Wedding planning began and during that time Tamikia decided her place in this world was back in Texas with Josh. On the day we shot their engagement session, Tamikia was moving to Houston. She packed the last of her belongings in her car and the two of them drove from Orlando to meet us here in Jacksonville. Although it was a rainy day we knew this was our only chance to shoot before their wedding in October. There is nothing like a little rain to spice up an engagement shoot. They did awesome and didn’t let the rain phase them one bit! After our session they got back on the road to start their lives together in Houston. We cannot wait for their wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando this Fall. We seriously love how sweet and silly these two are and even better their wedding is going to be surrounded by musical awesomeness. Did I forget to mention that Tamikia and Josh are HUGE music fans? Yup, Josh even proposed at the Hard Rock. He is super excited about the guitar sculpture fountain outside the hotel and so are we.

Here are a few of our favorites from their engagement session followed by a little slideshow. We hope you all enjoy.

Tamikia & Josh, thank you both so much for coming up and playing in the rain with us. You’re wedding will be so much fun we can’t wait!


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