More Sneak Peeks You Say!?!?

Why yes yes there are more… I know all I’ve been posting lately are sneak peeks but its all I seem to have time for.  We are currently interviewing for an office assistant and an intern here at La Dolce Vita Studio to help us with our post shooting work and keep us running full steam ahead.  Until we find the perfect people to join our team, its just Brad and I burning the midnight oil.  We have been shooting some awesome stuff lately and I can’t wait to share it.  Here are a few sneaks from upcoming posts:

Jen & Jared’s Engagement Session:


One of my shots from last month’s Jax Shoot Club:  (yes I edited Brad’s and put my own off forever but I did manage to work on this lovely image)


and there will be some killer shots from our Chicago trip coming soon too!

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  • Zach, 09.30.09:
    Zach : Love the big balloon and the texture in these pics!
  • Becka, 10.05.09:
    Becka : That is quite a large balloon! I <3 it!

Kari & Andrew’s Day After Sneak Peek | Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

Here are a few shots from Kari & Andrew’s day after session.  Stay tuned for the underwater shots to come!




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  • Ashley Bludsworth, 09.24.09:
    Ashley Bludsworth : Wow, they are all good, but that second one is just like so shut up good!!!!!
  • Kelleen Hite, 09.24.09:
    Kelleen Hite : Love the last one!! I cant wait to see the underwater shots!
  • Star, 09.24.09:
    Star : love that 2nd one too ;o) The last one rocks!
  • Melanie, 09.24.09:
    Melanie : Thanks ladies!!! I can't wait to edit more of these! :)
  • Giovanni Lugo, 09.24.09:
    Giovanni Lugo : I was going to comment on how crazy hot these are, but then I remembered that you always ignore my comments and tweets. So I decided not to comment. Aww. crap!
  • shain, 09.25.09:
    shain : #2 is more delicious than doughnuts and doritoes!!! I am in love with her face! You two are the best ever.
  • Melanie, 09.25.09:
    Melanie : Gio... I don't ignore you! :P If I do its on account of my senility. I swear this old age is getting to me. Thanks Shain I like that one a lot too! I will definitely let her know that her face has one upped Dunkin Donuts! ;)
  • Steph, 09.25.09:
    Steph : wow, I agree with Shain, that second one is just oh yea! And I love the lighting in the last one. amazing as usual!!
  • Emily Beaty, 09.25.09:
    Emily Beaty : beautiful!! my fave is the first one. :) can't wait to see the underwater images!
  • Corinna J Hoffman, 10.13.09:
    Corinna J Hoffman : Love the last shot :)

Hilary & Austin Sneak Peek | Gainesville Portrait Photographer

A few weeks ago we woke up bright and early to meet up with Hilary and Austin and shoot some fabulous portraits in the small town of Waldo, FL just outside of Gainesville.  Here are just a few quick sneak peeks for you all.




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  • Kari, 09.23.09:
    Kari : LOVING the yellow!! The first one is definitely my favorite!! :O)
  • brittany Bell, 09.23.09:
    brittany Bell : beautiful images!
  • Star, 09.24.09:
    Star : cute cute cute....can't wait to see more!

Jacksonville Shoot Club

Hello lonley little blog.  We are so sorry to have neglected you for so long.  This summer has been busy as ever and sadly the blog has taken a back seat lately.  Well do not fret dear blog readers we have plenty of visual deliciousness for you!

As some of you may know Brad and I, along with our wonderful friends Jeremy & Kara Pennington of Kara Pennington Photography recently started  We had our first shootout last month in downtown Jacksonville’s Friendship Park.  We were absolutely overwhelmed by the amazing turn out we had for our very first meetup.  Over 35 people were in attendance all ready to shoot, experiment and have fun hanging out with other creative professionals.  This months shootout is coming up soon and we already have 80 RSVP’s for the event.  We are so excited to see so many local photographers getting involved and working together to hone their craft.  On top of being surrounded by so many incredible photographers we were blessed to have other vendors volunteer their time and services to our shoot.  We provided 5 models for everyone to shoot.  One bride and groom, one engagement session couple and one solo bride for bridal portraits.  All our models graciously volunteered their time and were incredibly accommodating to all our crazy photography demands.  Hair and make up was done by makeup artist Faythe Mesic.  The incredible Josie of Anything with Plants and Flowers donated three gorgeous boquets for our models to carry.  Also, our solo bride Lauren wore an amazing dress Alvina Valenta dress and Lori London veil from Solutions Bridal in Gainesville.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful evening to be shooting downtown. Here are a few shots of the beautiful florals from the evening.





One thing I loved about this shootout was that Brad and I split off into separate groups.  We so love shooting together and feel like our work compliments each other all the time so it was exciting to see what we came home with after spending the entire evening shooting entirely separate.  I know I always say it on here but seriously, I am always blown away by what a phenomenal photographer my husband is.  So I wanted to dedicate this post to his images from the shootout.  I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.  Stay tuned for my post coming soon.





this series is my FAVORITE!!!










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