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When we met Jen and Jared a few months back there must have been something in the air that day.  It was like kismet or destiny or some other crazy term for awesome… I’m not kidding.  We walked into their home and as I was sitting down at their dining room table I saw a plaque above their kitchen that said “La Dolce Vita.”  Oh the sweet life indeed dear friends.  I knew right away the stars had aligned and we were meeting with people that would surely become some of our favorite clients yet.  As the meeting went on, more and more similarities between us came up and there were (I kid you not) several occasions where Brad and Jared finished eachother’s sentences.  I mean come on, if this were a first date, we were knocking it out of the park!  We loved that their puppy would lick our legs under the table, that Jen and Jared shared our rockin sense of humor,  and even more so we loved that they gave us total and complete trust when it came to their pictures.  Not only are they seeing eachother before the cereomony (LOVE!!) but they are also giving us plenty of time to really get some artistic shots on their wedding day.  We met up with them downtown last month to shoot their engagement session and had an absolute blast.  We were honestly a little sad when the session was over and we had to go our separate ways.  Luckily we will be seeing them again in February to shoot their incredible wedding at TPC Sawgrass.

PS: I have to send a special thanks to Sarah, Jen’s maid of honor, for telling Jen about us.  Sarah was a bridesmaid in Bonnie & Jason’s wedding last April and we can’t wait to see her again!!
























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  • Julianne, 10.21.09:
    Julianne : Love the 2nd to last one!
  • Audrey, 10.21.09:
    Audrey : Gorgeous as always! My faves are on the brick pavers. Such neat patterns and color.
  • Matt, 10.22.09:
    Matt : So many great shots. I love the one of them with the tree with the red balloon in the background. Kind of ties everything together. Such a fun idea. Great job!
  • Emily Beaty, 10.22.09:
    Emily Beaty : What a fun session! I love the red balloon and huge tree!
  • Melanie, 10.22.09:
    Melanie : Thanks guys! We had so much fun shooting with these guys.
  • Mandy, 10.22.09:
    Mandy : These are some of my favorite engagement photos from you guys!
  • Hilary, 10.22.09:
    Hilary : OMG LOVEEEE the picture of them laying on the brick, and of course the red balloon!

Lucy and the Rapid Straps

So Brad’s new Rapid Straps came in today… and while he was playing with them Lucy decided she needed a new toy too.  Apparently laying on all the packaging makes it hers.  Poor girl… I guess we should have gotten her some new toys as well.


PS:  I will have to post some pictures of Brad shooting with the new straps this weekend at Ben & Michelle’s wedding.  Prepare yourself for an onslaught of ultra sexy photographer activity on the blog.

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  • ron Henry, 10.16.09:
    ron Henry : This is such a cute shot.. can we use it on Blackrapid Buzz? A link to your blog.. thanks for using the Rstrap.
  • Kari, 10.19.09:
    Kari : I LOVE LULEEEE!

Holiday Boudoir Marathon | Jacksonville Boudoir Photographers

The holidays are just around the corner and its time to sign up for the last boudoir marathon of the year! Knock his socks off… literally… this year with one of our signature Little Black Book albums. Sign up now for our November marathon and give him a gift unlike any he has ever had before! Sign up with a friend and you will both receive $25 off your session.


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Everything’s Amazing and no one is Happy…

I just saw this AMAZING clip from the Conan O’Brien Show posted on the Wide Open Spaces blog and HAD to share it with you all.  Seriously I’m still giggling to myself as I type this.  Conan interviews comedian Louis CK and he discusses how incredible life is today and yet no one is happy.  Seriously, this is some of the funniest stuff I have heard in awhile.  Disclaimer:  this has nothing to do with Conan and the fact that I have a ridiculous crush on him… so rest assured this is not a top secret attempt to force you all to swoon over him.  Its super funny I promise.  Now… do yourself a favor and hit play.

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  • Sarah Henson, 10.20.09:
    Sarah Henson : I have seen this before and loved it! SO true! I had to watch it again...maybe it's good to do that every once in a while so I don't become that "non-contributing zero."