5k Hooray!

So yesterday Brad and I ran the CitiStreet Corporate Run. There was a whole team from his office that was involved. It was the first race of this kind either of us had done since moving to Jacksonville. We had a lot of fun and our friend Bobby set a goal for himself to finish in under 21 minutes… well he finished at 19 minutes and 40 seconds. Home slice is hardcore! I can only imagine what damage he would have done had he actually been training. The only thing that I didn’t like about the race was there was no Champion Chip timing. We had to keep our own time and report it on the honor system. At the end it was such a huge cluster of chaos that most of us didn’t bother reporting our times. We didn’t… we knew we weren’t top in our categories, so why bother standing in the mass of sweaty-stinky-body-odor-nastiness that was congregating in the reporting line?!

Unfortunately we didn’t take a single picture while we were there. I did see a guy running while carrying his 5D… he was extreme I tell ya. He would run up past me… stop… shoot some pictures of the runners coming at him…. then take off running again. He repeated this multiple times during the race. It was pretty funny… because we kept pace with each other I kept trying to run out of his frame so as not to capture the hot mess I was. Maybe next time I will be tuff enough to run with my camera and shoot the action as it happens!

Its been a busy busy week. We are off to Gainesville for the weekend for several portrait sessions! Woo hoo!! Brad has never been to Gator country. I wonder how his Vol strength will hold up?


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