Bradford – Certified Photographer Extrodinaire

Yes it is official everyone. Bradford Watson is a certified photographer. After a rigorous training program, complete with an obstacle course, guerrilla warfare simulation and a blind folded taste test, Brad has earned his stripes! This puppy is going on the wall!


Okay so its a little dated and less than official but we thought it was funny.  We stumbled upon this priceless little gem while rummaging through boxes during our move.  Who knew that Brad’s future as a photographer started nearly 20 years ago.  As proof of his mad photography skills, here is a self portrait he shot while lying on some gravel during a bridal shoot.  Quite impressive I must say.  Yes that is his signature “I’m taking a goofy picture” face.  Mine usually involves some sort of poofy lip thing with more gang signs… but I digress.  If you look closely at his eyes you can make out his arms holding the camera above him.


Well done Bradford.  You are a champion!

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