Happy Early Anniversary to US!

Today (because it is still today for me as I write this even though it will be tomorrow when you are all reading this) as I was eyeballs deep in a furious edit fest my doorbell rang.  Instantly Lucy began her ritual psychotic barking and freaking out as I raced down stairs to get whatever package UPS was sure to be delivering.  This is a normal occurrence in our home.  Lucy’s arch nemesis is the FedEx and UPS delivery man.  She barks and runs around so feverishly that no thought process can occur in my head until I have opened the door, collected the package and rush back up stairs to let Lucy know… all evil is gone.  It is always a very high stress moment but after 6 years of trying to get her to stop this behavior I have simply come to accept it.  So amongst the chaos I rushed down the stairs and opened the door ready to snag my package like a ninja.  I was baffled when there was no man in brown waiting with a digital clipboard, but the lovely Amy from The Conservatorie holding one of the most gorgeous arrangements of flowers I’ve seen in ages. She was there hand delivering a surprise pre-anniversary gift from Brad.  I was flabbergasted to say the least and I’m pretty sure I’ve never ever been flabbergasted before.  Brad gave the girls at The Conservatorie a top secret mission to create a beautiful arrangement for our anniversary and oh how they delivered.  I love their design aesthetic and how they used some of my all time favorite flowers (just like the ones from our wedding day) in the arrangement making it extra special.  What can I say folks I have a weakness for peonies and ranunculus… its a scientific fact.  I know it is a simple thing, but fresh flowers are one of my all time favorite things in the world.  Especially soft and and fragrant ones like these.  I confess, I am that goofy girl that sticks my face in them every time I walk by just to inhale deeply and fall in love with them all over again.  I’m not ashamed… they really do smell that good.  You all have no idea what you’re missing out on.  Sniffing aside, today was a wonderful day filled with little things that left me feeling oh so loved and special.  I am so blessed to have a husband like Brad and lovely friends like Amy & Meredith who created something so wonderful for me.  Tomorrow (that is today in your world) Brad and I are closing up shop for the day and celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary.  Because we are deep in a very busy wedding season and will be shooting on our actual anniversary (which is Friday) we decided tomorrow (which is today) will be the perfect chance for us to celebrate all that we love most about being married.  Mostly I love being able to spend an entire uninterrupted day with my very best friend.  That is anniversary perfection to me.

Although you cannot sniff them… unless of course you stop by and visit… you can enjoy this lovely arrangement with me.  Thank you so much Amy for bringing these by and brightening my day.  You and Meredith outdid yourselves!  Lots of love to both of you!  PS:  those gorgeous green poppy pods are heavenly!

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