Happy Happy Birthday to Bradford!

Yesterday was my sweet, handsome, funny, wonderful husband’s birthday.  Because we have been working full steam ahead since the end of August, his only birthday wish was for one day of complete relaxation with NO WORK! Being the gracious wife I am… I obliged.

We went to Hannah Park to play a little disc golf.  Took a random drive through parts of Jacksonville we rarely visit.  I cooked up his favorite meal, chicken delight.  Then we snuggled on the couch watching movie after movie for the rest of the night.  It was pretty close to perfection if you ask me.  In celebration of the man I adore so very very much, here is a visual history of the life and times of Bradford Watson.

Baby Bradford

Miami Vice Bradford

Classy Bradford

Baseball Award Winning Bradford

Spy Glass Bradford

Lincoln Memorial Bradford

The first few images of Brad are some framed prints I found at his grandparent’s house this past summer.  I couldn’t resist taking some iphone photos of them for memories of my own.  The last two were taken this summer while we were in New York and Washington D.C.  Oh yeah… you know that folder with a billion images in it from our travels this summer that I have yet to delve into.  *sigh*

Bradford – Thank you for being the most incredible person I have ever known.  Your kindess is unmatched and you have made my life immeasurably better just by being part of it.  I am truly the luckiest girl in the world and am so thankful for you.  You are my heart.

PS:  Just so I don’t look like a cheapskate wife… his real birthday gift comes in the form of a mini vacation next week!  3 days of happiness!

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