I Run for the Pies

Saturday night, Brad, myself and our friends Bobby and Erin all ran in the “I Run for the Pies 5k” here in downtown Jacksonville. Although the race didn’t start until 7:30pm, it was super hot. I’m pretty sure it was still over 90 degrees out when we started running. The course was pretty tuff at times but I liked how scenic it was running through the downtown streets. I’ve had a bum knee for a few weeks now and wasn’t sure if I would be able to run the entire distance, but I did! My time wasn’t all that impressive at 33:44, but I was just happy to have completed it without having to walk half because of my knee. Bobby was able to finish under 20 minutes again and won an apple pie for everyone. After crossing the finish line, I waited with water in hand to give Brad and Erin as they came across. While standing there one of the billions of birds that were swarming over head decided to poop on me… dropping a nugget of love right on my shoulder. With my hands full, I sort of grimaced and waited until Brad crossed the finish line and got his water so I could clean it off. Right after he came in another bird, or possibly the same one with bowel issues, dropped some more love onto his head. Rumor has it, its lucky to get pooed on… so maybe we are lucky… who knows. All I know is there were cups of water being poured on his head immediately afterwards. Aside from experiencing number two from above, we had an awesome time… and can’t wait to do the Tour de Pain in August!!! Maybe the poo was a sign that we will DOMINATE the August races. Go team Wat-Haines!


PS: Don’t the little running pies on our bibs look more like California Raisins?? I think so.

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