I’ve been tagged…

My beautiful little sister and best friend tagged me in her blog Kee To Your Heart. It actually freaks me out how similar we really are. So in an effort to make amends for being an absentee blogger lately I am complying with the tag rules and posting blog number TWO for the day!!! I totally deserve a trophy for this… yes a trophy would be nice.

Okay on to the survey…

Four things I did today:

1) Finished reading the last 10 pages of Midnight Sun. Dear Stephanie Meyers… please write the rest of that book NOW!!!

2) Went to pilates class with Erin.

3) Edited two weddings

4) Did laundry… not that I really wanted to but we were down to one clean towel in the whole house. Eeek!

Four things on my To-Do list:

1) Finish editing 4 sessions before we leave for Nashville next week

2) Work on the new website

3) Continue working on our new branding and marketing materials

4) Design 3 albums

Four of my guiltiest pleasures:

1) NAPS! (Kari: “scooch”)

2) Sugary foods… especially ice cream!

3) Reading a good book. I have to be careful though… if its too good it consumes me. Obviously… I devoured the entire Twilight series in about 10 days.

4) Spending WAY too much money on makeup. I really am a girlie girl at heart.

Tag! You’re it!


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