My little sister is getting married

Last Sunday I hosted a bridal shower in honor of my little sister Kari.  She will be getting married on August 1st in Gainesville.  We had wine, cheese, cupcake pops, and lots of fun.  In spite of a serious thunderstorm everything turned out beautifully.  Kari, I can’t believe your wedding is almost here!!! I’m so happy to stand by your side as you marry the man of your dreams.  I love you both so much!  Only 6 more weeks to go!

The lovely bride to be



Kari & my momma


My mom’s dog Cody trying to make sense of all the hubub



The beautiful Amanda B Young


Wanda and Sue worked so hard to create this killer bouquet.  I think they did an amazing job!


Please note that this was held at my parent’s home in New Smyrna Beach.  My house does not have as many antlers on the walls (nor does it have a couch currently.)  Sigh… but thats an entirely different story.

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