Six Weeks of Crutches, Six Weeks of Self Evaluation, Six Weeks of Appreciation…

This past week has flown by faster than I thought was possible. Not only was it Thanksgiving and Brad’s 30th birthday, but it was also my last week on CRUTCHES!!!! Being attached to these mechanical armpit torture devices now for six full weeks has brought about some interesting insight into my life. I have had to learn to be dependent on others, graciously accepting the fact that I cannot possibly do everything myself. I’ve also learned to slow down, be patient and thankful for the present day even if my mind is filled with new ideas, goals and aspirations for my future. What good is the future when I cannot sit back and appreciate today? Both of these “lessons” have been two very tough pills for me to swallow, but something I have needed for a long time now. It is funny how life is often timed so perfectly, even when something like unexpected surgery happens.  Everything seems to fall into place in a way that we know must be part of God’s plan. Back in October when we discovered I would have to have ankle surgery, it came at just the right time in my life when my schedule could be adjusted to accommodate my absence, and my heart and soul needed some down time too. Talk about an abundance of down time. The first few weeks were hard. Pain medicine and discomfort made it difficult to do any sort of work at my computer. I got caught up on lots of napping and TV watching that’s for sure. Eventually I could work for short bursts of time as long as I could keep my leg elevated. This was tough because mentally I was ready to be working again, I needed to be working again, but physically I was still in pain and my work time was limited to short intervals throughout the day followed by periods of elevating and icing my foot. I learned to appreciate the moments when I was work free and to indulge in my ideas and dreams for the future. At the same time I had to be careful with this because often it would make me even more resentful towards my current situation all the more because I would be fired up to take on the world, but still restricted by my crutches. Eventually I took note that these ideas and aspirations would all come to life in their own due time and it was a blessing to have the uninterrupted free time to just think on them and plan a bit without trying to take on the world at the drop of a hat.

The beginning part of my recovery moved at a snail’s pace. I remember one day when Brad and I looked at each other, completely exhausted, and said “can you believe its only been 2 weeks!?!?! It feels like a month already!!!” It was hard on both of us. Me having to ask him to help me with everything.  Him having to do double the amount of work he did everyday. He never once complained though. I have always known I am incredibly blessed to have such a selfless and caring husband, but these past weeks have proven to me he is ten times more amazing than I ever thought before. Even when our plans to travel for Thanksgiving and his birthday had to be cancelled he never complained once and insisted on staying by my side although I urged him to go ahead without me. It was me who had a difficult time accepting the fact that the plans I had in store for celebrating his 30th birthday would not come to life after all. This past Monday my sweet sweet husband left his 20’s behind and officially turned 30 years old. Thirty on the Thirtieth. He opted to have a very low key birthday weekend playing games and sharing in the company of good friends. He was so happy. Happy to be with me, happy to be with people we love, and happy just to be enjoying the simplicity of life. I was happy too.

Often we feel that life is not good unless it is characterized by grandiose events and accomplishments, but the reality is it is the little things that make life truly sweet. My life is so so very sweet. Characterized by a husband who adores me even if I wear gym clothes and no makeup everyday. A sweet puppy who cuddles with me when I’m feeling lousy. Loving family and friends who don’t mind sitting around the house with me watching movies or playing games. And today, the simplest thing of all, being able to stand up and walk! Although it is painful, I am SO happy! I am mobile again! I am able to carry things as I walk. Able to stand in the shower instead of sit. Today I can strap on my moon boot, and walk. All the things on my “To Do When You Can Walk Again” list will come about one day soon, but for now I am so happy to have been given six weeks to learn to appreciate my husband, my friends and family, my body’s incredible ability to heal, and even myself for just being me. I am so blessed and happy in this moment. No matter what deadlines I am behind on, how tight my pants are after six weeks of no exercise, or how big my to do list is… I AM HAPPY!

We chose to name our business La Dolce Vita Studio after the Italian phrase for “the sweet life” and I have come to realize that life is so much sweeter than I ever thought it could be. Most people do not know this, but it is Brad who has been the huge positive driving force behind our business. Back when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start this business or if I wanted to continue on to grad school like I had originally planned, it was Brad who said “you can do this, we can do this, we were meant to do this.” He is the most positive, fearless, hard working man I have ever known and I would not be who I am today without his constant love and support. So, my dear sweet husband, I hope you had a wonderful 30th birthday and hope to spend seventy more by your side! Thank you for being a constant blessing in my life!  You are my heart!

Here is a snapshot taken with our Canon G10 during our impromptu birthday game night with Jeremy, Kara, Ryan and Lisa.  Ryan won the birthday hat marathon, leaving his on the longest.  No prizes were awarded as we figured the sheer honor of the “birthday hat king” title would suffice.


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