Super Big Fun Exciting News!!!!


Yes indeed we did.  It is not our first home, but it is one we have worked really long and hard to find!  As many of you know for the last four years Brad and I have split our time between Tennessee and Florida; shooting in both places and criss crossing our way all over the south.  Brad’s family all live in the Nashville and surrounding areas while mine are all down the East Coast of Florida and Orlando areas.  We have always fluctuated back and forth between these two states and our business has grown as a result.  We decided a few years ago to start house hunting since we needed a bigger space than our small Jacksonville condo could offer.  We searched in Jacksonville, Orlando, Nashville and Knoxville looking for the perfect little space to spread out in.  After what can only be described as an exhaustive search, we finally found one we both fell in love with and decided to make an offer last October.  It was a short sale and let me tell you that is an oxymoron if ever there was one.  We were not naive going into this process but regardless of how prepared you are it can still be taxing.  We knew it could take several months to close and because of our unique situation we could easily wait it out.  We waited (106 days to be exact), we jumped through hoops and we saw some craziness in the process, but at long last we finally signed the papers on Valentine’s Day and made this sweet little Nashville home our very own!  That’s right Nashville, you’ll be seeing lots more of us soon!  But don’t be alarmed Florida friends.  Since our Florida and Southern Georgia markets were doing wonderfully whether we were in town or working from the road, we decided spending a bit more time in Nashville would be good to grow this side of our business more.  We are absolutely not leaving Florida and will be back in town twice a month to work with our clients down there.  As you all know this is really just a flip of what our business used to look like.  So not to worry Jacksonville and Orlando, you will still see plenty of our faces and we will be looking for interns in both states very soon for some amazing projects we have in the works.

For now though, here is a beautiful portrait of our new home done by an amazingly talented Nashville artist, Rebekka Seale.  She is ridiculously talented and adorable to boot.  I love that she was able to incorporate our pup Lucy into the painting too.  I’m not gonna lie, when she sent me the proof the other day I was almost in tears I was so happy.  Thank you Rebekka for creating our first piece of art for our home.  I can’t wait to hang it up soon and show it off on our walls.

So here it is… home sweet home.

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