Tales of a post birthday Melanie… by Melanie

Hello lovely blog readers.  I just wanted to thank you all so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes.  I have officially been 30 for 2 whole weeks now and am happy to report I still feel like a 20-something.  I was so excited to see that I amassed 2 full hour massages from all the comments you guys left and can’t wait to force Brad into his promised slavery.  Haha.  He is actually a pretty good little massage therapist.  For those of you who don’t know I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2002 and practiced until just a few years ago.  So I have trained my boy well and can’t wait to cash in soon!  A lot of people have emailed and asked how the big birthday was and if I did anything monumental to ring in this new decade of life.  I am sad to report that we did nothing monumental.  We have been super busy this month with four weddings and a ton of shoots so we didn’t have much time to do anything big but we spent my birthday with some wonderful friends as well as my family and that is what awesome birthdays are made of.  We are actually treating ourselves to a big birthday gift in the form of a vacation to Washington D.C. and New York City this April so we can’t wait to really celebrate then.  So if you’re in that area in early April, drop me an email and we will hang out!

Below are a couple pictures from our random impromptu birthday celebrations.  Every year (seriously every year) Brad randomly likes to turn a normal planned game night with friends into a birthday by adding a birthday cake and party hats.  Its corny but its cute.  Oddly enough Ryan found a new use for his butter knife in this photo.


Lisa and I like to throw math inspired gang signs.  Its how we roll.  Just a few days after this photo she popped out the most adorable baby boy ever!  I asked her to hold him in until Feb. 16th so we could be birthday buddies, but baby Cam wanted to be born on Valentine’s day instead.  You can see some pictures our friend Kara did of him just days after he was born here.


One night my sister came to visit from Gainesville and we introduced her to one of our favorite games… Settlers of Catan.  Yes we party hard folks!  Seriously though… I’m the master at this game.  You should play this with me.


Thanks again everyone for the birthday wishes and messages you all sent.  Also, thanks to our wonderful friends Kara & Jeremy, Ryan & Lisa, Christina & James for being so awesome and letting my husband sneak attack a birthday party on you at the last minute.  ;)   I’m so happy to be surrounded by such incredible friends and am excited to see what this new chapter in my life has in store for me.  Hopefully it contains zero gray hairs or wrinkles.

PS:  Stay tuned for lots of blog goodness coming soon.  Weddings, engagement sessions, kayaking photos… oh my!

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