World meet Camden…

It has been crazy quiet on the blog front these past few months… but don’t let that fool you.  It has not been nearly as quiet here in the Watson house and for good reason.  OUR BABY BOY IS HERE!!!

World meet Camden…


He is money my friends.  Pure and simple deliciousness that has absolutely consumed our hearts.  Creating this sweet little nugget has been the best thing we have ever done.  Since his arrival, the Watson house has been filled with baby cuddles, sleepless nights, explosive diapers, competitive swaddling and all the joys and challenges having a newborn brings.  Words can’t even begin to describe the roller coaster ride we have taken these past several weeks.  From the birth and the physical recovery from labor with all its hormonal upheaval, to bringing this tiny little person home for the first time and realizing our days will never be the same, it has been a whirlwind of the best kind.  Who knew my every waking minute would be spent breast feeding or googling acceptable colors of baby poop?!  Okay so maybe not every minute but dang it sure feels like it.  I don’t mind though and after 2 months I think we are finally getting into the swing of things and establishing a new rhythm to our daily routine.  All the exhaustion is completely worth it for the most adorable baby smiles and coos this world has ever seen and our hearts melt every time he falls asleep in our arms snug as can be.  We wouldn’t trade these days for the world.  Becoming parents is the ultimate adventure and we are so happy to be navigating these waters with our precious little love bug in tow.  Here are a few photos we took when Cam was just 6 days old.  Let me tell you, stepping back into my role as a photographer was not an easy task.  I quickly realized how much healing my body still needed to do and that hiring someone else to come in and photograph our little family was definitely necessary.  I’ll be sharing photos from that session soon as well, but for now here are the photos we took of our sweet baby boy.

Who knew something so small could fill your heart so fully.



…so in love with that little smile!

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