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So we’ve been getting a lot of emails about our post processing techniques asking us how we do what we do.  Well I’m not gonna lie… it is 90% pure awesomeness that makes up our DNA and enables us to take such killer photos.  I mean frankly God smiled on us… big time!  So for all of you who were not quite as fortunate to have that extra Awesome chromosome inserted into your double helix at birth, here are some top secret editing techniques of ours.  Brace yourselves folks… this stuff is mind boggling!

Today’s dose of radical features Mark & Dara’s Love session in Savannah a few weeks ago.

The first image, straight out of camera, it totally rocks, but lets help it to rock harder:


We’ve been experimenting with some new and innovative post processing techniques.  We hope you all like them.  Here is how we do it:


Pretty simple technique for a super dramatic effect!  Second shot is okay out of camera a little flat and muted…


And now… talk about a wow effect!  They just pop right out of the picture now!


The last shot is pretty good as is… but lets see how we can make it better!


Heck yes that is better times infinity!!!  Just a tiny bit of help and voila!


So there you have it… that is how we do it (sung to Montell Jordan’s This is How We Do It) So tip up your cup and throw your hands up and let me hear the party say…


We’re kidding folks!  But because we promised some before and afters, here is the real deal.  We use a combination of TRA & TRA2 Actions plus some of our own to achieve our signature look on all our photos.  We absolutely love these actions because they are so customizable and non destructive to the images.

Image #1:markdara_022209165906_m1sooc

And After – I used a standard S curve to add some contrast.  Followed by some strategic burning around the edges and some dodging around the eyes.  Applied Warm It Up Kris at 10%, Get Faded 10% and some Sharpening.  Pretty simple and gave the image a nice added punch it needed.


Image #2


On this image I punched the contrast with an S curve, Strategic Dodging and Burning, Used my healing brush on Dara’s forehead to remove a few shadows I didn’t like.  Added two of my favorite textures and then painted out the textures that were on their skin.  Adjusted the levels just a bit, sharpen and Done!


Image #3


Punched the contrast a bit with an S curve, Dodged some of the shadows around the eyes.  Used my healing brush to remove any blemishes or unsightly shadows/lines.  Applied 2 of my favorite textures.  BAMF at 70% changed layer style to luminosity.  Get faded at 17%.  Sharpen and Done!


For all you photographers that have asked how we post process… that is pretty much it in a nut shell.  My best advice is to experiment.  Try some different things… sometimes it wont work out but others you will stumble upon something wonderful.  Also, this is the process that all of our final images go through.  I think its important to know that the images you are accustomed to seeing on our blog and website did not just fall out of the camera looking like that.  A lot of our job is taking a great image to start with but then the work begins when we bring them home and help them reach their full potential.

We hope you all enjoy this little glimpse into our post processing world… and our April Fool’s Joke!

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