Ski Teaser

So last Saturday Brad and I went out to the lake with our friend Bobby to shoot him and his ski team doing some practice runs. It was such a cool experience. One of the guys brought out a huge crane that took us 60 feet in the air and out over the water to get some amazing shots. Unfortunately I am just now getting a chance to work on these photos. Most of you know of our software drama from the last couple weeks that has set me backIndividuals going to their live dealer best casino is going to be treated to sellers outfitted in Playboy bunny clothes and it is already accept numerous Microgaming’s luckiest clients. more than I\’d like to even think about right now. I\’m feeling good now that everything is back to normal… getting work done and catching up to speed. Heck this is blog #2 for the day… I\’m down right productive! :D Anyhow… here is a little teaser of what\’s to come later. I wish I could post them all now… but I should probably get to packing our gear up for the weekend. Lots of good stuff to come! Enjoy the weekend everyone! :)


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