Mark & Dara’s Surprise Shootybooth! | Jacksonville Photobooth

Several weeks ago I got the most exciting unexpected surprise from a friend of mine. Dara called me and shared that she and Mark have been trying to have a baby for the past few months. She finally got back that life changing positive result on a pregnancy test and was ecstatic about the news. She didn’t want to tell Mark in just any old way, she wanted to do something fun and unexpected to capture his reaction. So she devised a plan to have me set up a ShootyBooth. The two of them would goof around for a bit as test subjects and then she would break the news to him and everything would be caught on camera. We cooked up a big scheme telling Mark that I had new equipment I had to test right away and needed someone to be my test dummy stat! New equipment calls for urgency my friends! ;) As soon as he came in the door from work, Dara was rushing him out across town to meet me at my house. The minute they got to my house, I thrust them immediately into ShootyBooth so that neither Dara or myself would accidentally spill the beans. Dara knew she had to do this as fast as she could or else she would explode with excitement. I can’t believe we pulled it all off in just a few hours of planning and set up. I absolutely love the end result and how it came together. Mark & Dara, you guys are going to be AMAZING parents and your sweet little nugget is going to have more love than he or she will know what to do with. I am so happy to have been there right at the beginning of it all and can’t wait to meet your little one early next year! We love you guys and hope the next 9 months are incredible for both of you!

Mark & Dara ShootyBooth from Melanie Watson on Vimeo.

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