Recipe for a Fabulous Friday

So what really goes on at La Dolce Vita Studio on any given Friday?  Well aside from the normal editing, client phone calls and emails, we sometimes get a chance to go out in the sunshine.  Its barely after noon today and so far we have taken a beautiful morning walk with Lucy.  Shipped off Mary Evelyn & Greg’s gorgeous album.



Played hide and seek with Lucy (how cute is she peeking at us from  under the laundry room door?)


…and topped of a healthy lunch with some less than healthy but oh so delicious Cami Cakes!!! They are so good and ridiculously rich and tasty.  Brides, couldn’t you just imagine these beauties at a bridal shower or even in place of a wedding cake?!?!  Ahh… so divine!




Recipe for a perfect Friday:

1 part Love of your life
1 part Fur Baby
2 cups of sunshine
4 cupcakes (do not eat all at once)
1 episode of Full House (optional)


Stir and enjoy!

Happy Friday Everyone! 🙂

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