Welcome to the new La Dolce Blog!

For the past week, we have been slaving away to bring you this new and improved blog.  After all the hard work, we are thrilled to finally release it into the wild!  I think you will find that the functionality of this blog far exceeds the abilities of the old site.  Some new features are:  Comments will now appear directly under each blog post, our custom “He said, she said” twitters, and the added ability to share a post through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other sites at the click of a button.  In addition, the new menu feature will also allow you to read a little bit about us, check current rates, sort posts by category, look back in the archives, and check out some links to our favorite websites.  We also added a nifty search box in case you need to find an old post or are looking for something in particular.  One other great thing about the new blog is all images will be hosted on our own server.  This is good news to those of you trying to view it in the corporate world.  No more security blocks due to hosting our images through photobucket.  Woo hoo!!! You can now slack off at work in style.

We hope that you all enjoy our new blog and will come back often.  Be sure to subscribe by clicking the RSS button in the top right corner.  **Note:  if you subscribed to our old blog, you will need to unsubscribe to it in your blog reader and resubscribe to the current blog by clicking the RSS feed button above.  This should allow you to have us in your google reader or blog feed just like old times. Also, feel free to comment or email (bradford@ladolcevitastudio.com) about any bugs you may find while browsing the new blog.  We are aware that there is a background issue when using older Safari browsers.  Upgrading to the latest version at www.apple.com/safari resolves this issue.

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