Google Docs + Style Me Pretty = Wedding Planning Genius

Yesterday the fabulous folks at Style Me Pretty and Google unveiled an incredible new wedding planning resource that is absolutely free through Google Docs.  As most of you brides know, planning and organizing a wedding goes so much deeper than choosing your dream dress and the perfect Christian Louboutins to make you feel like a rockstar on your wedding day.  There are seating charts to coordinate, invitations to be sent, budgets to balance and the list goes on and on.  Happily, Google and Style Me Pretty have teamed up to create 20 incredible ready-made templates to help you stay organized, on track and on budget when it comes to planning your big day.  Even with the spreadsheet genius I thought Brad had created for our wedding, it does not compare to the ease of what Google Docs has set up.  Click the picture below for a short video about how these templates came to be and even better, how they can simplify and organize your wedding planning.  I wish I had these three and a half years ago when I was scribbling down addresses from everyone I knew.  Oh the address book alone would have been divine!


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